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Berea College Forest Begins First College Carbon Offset Project; Links With New Forests for California Carbon Market

Demonstrating Berea College’s long-standing commitment to sustainability, Berea College and New Forests announced today the successful listing of the Berea College Forest Carbon Project with California’s Climate Action Reserve Program. Through the Berea College Improved Forest Management Project, carbon offset credits can be used for compliance in the Air Resources Board of California’s greenhouse gas cap and trade program.

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State, tribe reach multimillion-dollar deal on carbon offset credits

A nearly 5,600-acre swath of tribal forest land in remote, northeastern Mendocino County will be contributing to California’s effort to reduce greenhouse gases while generating revenue for the Round Valley Indian Tribes under a new agreement with state officials.

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Round Valley First Forest Carbon Offset Project on Native Trust Land for California

The discussions of climate change and carbon footprints are important subjects within Indian country, and on February 24 the Round Valley Indian Tribes became a part of history as far as carbon emissions goes.

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Getting paid to not cut timber

If a tree is not felled in a forest, does it make a sound financial decision? The Yurok Tribe apparently thinks so, as the sovereign nation based in Klamath recently registered a project with the state of California committing the tribe to manage rather than cut 7,660 acres of tribal timber land near the Lower Klamath River for increased carbon sequestration and sustainable timber management.

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How California’s Climate Policy is Saving the Forest and Preserving a Way of Life

EDF’s Innovators Series profiles companies and people across California with bold solutions to reduce carbon pollution and help the state meet the goals of AB 32. Each addition to the series will profile a different solution, focused on the development of new technologies and ideas.

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California's Forest Offset Protocol

In November 2013, the Air Resources Board issued the first carbon credits under its cap-and-trade Forest Offset Protocol. These credits protect forests through better management while offering forest property owners revenue, and helping businesses reduce carbon dioxide emissions under California's greenhouse gas reduction program.

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Air Resources Board approves first cap-and-trade forestry compliance offset project in California

The Air Resources Board today announced approval of the first California forest carbon offset project under the state’s cap-and-trade forestry offset protocol.

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