Forest Carbon Partners works with family, industrial and tribal landowners to create carbon offset projects that deliver real financial value – increasing and diversifying revenue for timberland owners. The projects listed below are a sample of our current carbon projects.


Yurok Tribe

A Douglas-fir and hardwood forest held by the Yurok Tribe along the Klamath River on the Northern California Coast

  • Registered with the California Air Resources Board -- the first forest carbon offset project ever registered under the California regulatory offset protocol
  • Issued over 720,000 offsets in 2014 and 2015.
  • Projected offset issuance of 815,000 offset credits in total through 2019
  • Located on territory recently re-acquired by the Yurok Tribe
  • Protects watersheds critical for salmon spawning habitat

Hanes Ranch


A family forest held by the Hanes family since the 19th century

  • Registered with the California Air Resources Board
  • Issued over 85,000 offset credits in 2014.
  • Projected issuance of 140,000 offset credits through 2018
  • Highly biodiverse mixed Redwood, Douglas-fir, and hardwood forest
  • Includes miles of salmon-bearing Garcia River and Rancheria Creek

Round Valley Indian Tribes

A Douglas-fir and pine forest held by the Round Valley Indian Tribes in California

  • Registered with the California Air Resources Board
  • Issued over 460,000 offset credits in 2015.
  • Well-stocked Douglas-fir and pine stands with older-growth forests
  • Projected offset issuance of 600,000 offset credits through 2019

Trinity Timberlands


A Douglas-fir, true fir, pine and hardwood forest in Trinity and Humboldt counties in California

  • Registered with the California Air Resources Board
  • Issued over 680,000 offsets in 2015
  • Well-stocked Douglas-fir and pine stands
  • Contains several tributaries of the South Fork of the Trinity River

Alder Stream Preserve


Forested wetlands, lowland spruce-fir and northern hardwood forests in Maine

  • Conserved by the Northeast Wilderness Trust, the Alder Stream Preserve is part of a network of 20,000 conserved acres in central Maine that protects significant ecological and scenic values
  • Projected offset issuance of 42,000 offset credits through 2020

Howland Research Forest


An older growth lowland spruce-hemlock forest in Maine

  • Conserved by the Northeast Wilderness Trust, Howland has experienced limited harvest for 140 years
  • A field site for NASA's Forest Ecosystem Dynamics project and a participant in the Ameriflux program -- one of the longest records of carbon flux measurements in the world
  • Projected offset issuance of 40,500 offset credits through 2020


A diverse mixed conifer and hardwood family forest in Napa and Lake Counties, California

  • A top land conservation priority in Northern California
  • Significant connectivity with public lands, critical corridor for migrating wildlife, and an important headwater with over 80 springs.
  • Projected issuance of over 320,000 offset credits through 2020.


Glass Ranch


A Douglas-fir and mixed hardwood family forest in Humboldt County, California

  • Well stocked and conservatively managed family forest near the Eel River
  • Projected issuance of over 290,000 offset credits through 2020


Gabrych Ranch

Gabrych web photo.jpg

A mixed conifer and hardwood forest in Humboldt County and Trinity County, California

  • Family forest with tributaries of the Trinity River
  • Projected issuance of over 270,000 offset credits through 2020


Mescalero Apache Tribe

DSC00009 - Copy.jpg

A mixed conifer forest held by the Mescalero Apache in New Mexico

  • Project located on trust land managed for timber production by the Mescalero Apache
  • Projected issuance of over 3,000,000 offset credits through 2020

Berea College

A southern Appalachian oak and mixed hardwood forest in central Kentucky held by Berea College

  • Restored by the college after being extensively cleared, burned, and farmed during the early 19th century
  • Well-managed for over 100 years for timber, recreation, education, and research
  • Projected issuance of over 350,000 offset credits through 2020

Eddie Ranch

Photo Dec 02, 1 55 59 PM.jpg

A Douglas-fir and mixed hardwood forest in Mendocino County, California

  • Family forest managed for timber production and hunting
  • Part of the Eel River Peninsula Conservation Project, which supports sustained yield forestry and wildlife habitat for the Tule Elk and Pacific Fischer
  • Projected issuance of over 260,000 offset credits through 2020


Port Graham

Approximately 50,000 acres of Sitka spruce in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska

  • First forest carbon offset project with an Alaska Native Village Corporation
  • Protects old-growth forest, critical salmon habitat, and forest adjacent to Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Inventory installed in summer 2016