New Forests manages over $2 billion in capital for investment in sustainable timberland and environmental markets, including over 1.5 million acres of timberland and rural land.  We believe that forests provide many values to society in addition to wood products, including carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat and water – and that forest landowners will increasingly be compensated to manage forests to provide these ecosystem services. 

Acting on that belief, our company has been a global pioneer in forest carbon markets.  In particular, New Forests is a leading investor, forest carbon project developer, and supplier of forest carbon offsets in the California greenhouse gas emissions trading system.  Through multiple investment funds, we are developing more than 300,000 acres of forest carbon offset projects for the California carbon market.  We have sold 4.3 million offsets on behalf of forest landowner partners in forward and delivered contracts.  We have evaluated potential offset projects on millions of acres of land.  And we have registered more projects to date under the California compliance forest carbon offset protocol than any other company.

Our commitment to the California carbon market dates back over ten years to the first Climate Action Reserve forest protocol committee in California, on which our CEO, David Brand, participated as a member.  Dr. Tim Robards, Associate Director of Investments and Operations at New Forests, later led the technical sub-committee in drafting the final version of the forest offset protocol eventually adopted by the State of California. Dr. Robards was also a member of the Western Climate Initiative Offsets Committee.  Brian Shillinglaw, New Forests’ Director of US Investments and Operations, has worked with forest landowners at all scales to evaluate and develop carbon assets, in addition to leading New Forests’ engagement with the California greenhouse gas regulatory process for years.  Emily Warms, Manager with New Forests, was formerly Forest Program Manager at the Climate Action Reserve, an offset registry accredited by the State of California, and has also worked for The Nature Conservancy and the Pacific Forest Trust on California carbon accounting and forest offset policy.

Working through our latest carbon investment fund, Forest Carbon Partners, our team has the expertise, experience and capital to deliver a cash-flowing forest carbon offset project for family, industrial and Native American forest landowners.